The Crowbar Project

The Crowbar Project is an open Apache2 licensed framework to build complete, easy to use operational deployments for everyone. It allows for groups of physical nodes to be transformed from bare-metal into a ready state production cluster within hours. Specific applications include (but are not limited to) Ceph, Hadoop and OpenStack.

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The Crowbar Project has a single community with two versions under active development.

Crowbar v1 OpenCrowbar (aka v2)
The original Chef integrated provisioning tool. Since 2014, primarily maintained by SUSE for OpenStack deployments. The re-architected replacement for Crowbar v1 supports a much broader set of operating systems, applications, configuration managers and hardware (physical, virtual and containers). OpenCrowbar is community maintained.
Stable Release: Roxy Stable Release: Anvil
Active Development: Stoney Active Development: Master (Trunk)
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